Column Speaker System Supplier

Column Speaker Supplier

People are always in search of a platform with a great speaker system. So, Gpro Audio is the go-to platform for you as we are the professional column speaker supplier and ensure the best quality at the best price.

Our Column speakers work with several drivers arranged upright but inside a single long filing cabinet. They deliver a high degree of pattern control. They are highly beneficial with high quality and clear sound at cathedrals with cavernous schemes and reverberant surfaces. We assure quality stability, and once there are quality problems that occur, we will remove the cargo unconditionally.

Product Features:

As a leading column speaker supplier, we ensure the high-quality of our product and assure you top features, including:

  • The speakers are of high reliability on music and discourse amplification, composed of aluminum-alloy.
  • They can bear small and heavy rain
  • They can be mounted at many indoor and outdoor areas, such as gyms, conference rooms, public or private gardens, markets, schools, bus stations, and other public places.

Product Advantages:

  • Stable quality, Good price
  • On-time delivery
  • Short product period
  • Excellent R&D team
  • OEM Ability


Column speaker supplier are the ideal choice for industrial and commercial applications. Column speakers can create a natural atmosphere and image with its quality sound delivery.

  • They are beneficial for the outdoor area of a shopping mall, train station, parking area, industrial unit, etc.
  • They are usually beneficial for public addresses.
  • They are very effective in announcements and conveying or broadcasting messages.
  • These speakers are beneficial in indoor BGM broadcasting and sound contracting.
  • Column speakers are portable and used in small stage shows.,

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