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 Best Transformer Power Amplifiers

Have a fantastic experience with Gpro Audio, the leading Transformer Power Amplifiers Exporter. We ensure to provide you the best quality in town. The amplifier used in a distributed speaker system has a step-up converter, improving the voltage and declining the current. We focus on our quality and step-up transformer inside the amplifier that helps enhance the voltage up to the dispersed network’s standard endless voltage level, which may be 100V or 70V.

Benefits of our Transformer Power Amplifiers

At Transformer Power Amplifiers Exporter, we ensure the best quality, and our product offers several advantages such as:

  • The appearance is simple and atmospheric, and they’re a diversity of panels for choosing
  • Blowing-type high-efficiency heat dissipation system and it has the comb-shaped heat sinks which High-density makes.
  • There’re 2-3-4 channels and any power restrictions that are combined from 300W-2000W
  • The filter capacitor is a Hifi audio enthusiastic sizeable electrolytic capacitor, the waveform after filtering is flawless, and the noise is smaller
  • It has a transformer, and the low frequency is more powerful.
  • It contains a complete protection system that ensures that the machine can function stably and efficiently under very harsh environments
  • It has high-precision resistors and capacitors that confirm the dynamic performance.
  • It is highly cost-effective and reliable.
  • It provides you a high-quality sound system and comes in a sleek design that matches your room theme.

So, what are you waiting for? Contact us, the leading Transformer Power Amplifiers Exporter. We also have experts to help you select the best sound system for your home!

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