Professional 4-in-1 Effect Amplifier

Professional 4-in-1 Effect Amplifier

Professional 4-in-1 Effect Amplifier for Karaoke

Including Juke box,Effector,Power Amplifier and Microphones,Order song via phone App,the same enjoyment with Karaoke room.


►Adopt with Yinchuang HICHANG song ordering system that there’re hundreds of thousands of genuine songs can be sung by you , it brings you the same professional enjoyment as KTV. A variety of song ordering methods: WeChat, remote control, voice ordering.

►Fast on-demand via Alibaba Cloud service, download while playing, no need to wait. If you want to use the professional song ordering mode, you can directly extra connect the touch screen via VGA connector.

►The menu can be operated by the touch screen, it is simple and convenient, and  Chinese and English both available. The built-in UHF frequency band wireless microphone module supports 30 lines of microphone using in one time,needn’t worry about cross-frequency. There’re K song, listening song, scene three scenes models. It can also be connected to a computer to debug the effect of professional karaoke

►Adopt 32-bit high-performance DSP, 24-bit/48K sampling pure digital professional KTV effector, no whistling & noise, the sound deep and full , with natural human voice, home using and KTV both suitable

►With sound card function: MP3 interface can realize sound card live broadcast function through OTG conversion line;

►U disk music player, can play lossless music, can record! Support MP3/WMA/WAV/FLAC/APE multiple formats

►Dual-mode Bluetooth, Bluetooth digital audio playback realizes high-quality music playback,mobile APP can be controled by Bluetooth BLE. A mobile phone can play Bluetooth music and control APP

►Optical digital audio input, 2 groups of analog audio input

►Music 3-segment high, medium and low EQ, suitable for home users; 7-segment parametric equalization, high-pass filter and low-pass filter, squelch gate, input pre-gain, can also be controlled in professional occasions.

►Pitch change function of music

►Wireless all-digital microphone, 24-bit/48K sampling, low latency, high signal-to-noise ratio, low distortion, long transmission distance, stable and reliable transmission, two metal handheld microphones,96 frequency points, 4.3 inch color LCD screen displays the status and power of the connected handheld microphone in real time.

►A\B 2 groups of analog microphone input

►Microphone 3-segment high, medium and low EQ, suitable for home users; dual-channel AB group independent 10-segment parametric equalization, which can meet the simultaneous use of microphones with different needs, high-pass filter and low-pass filter, squelch gate, limiter, suitable for professional users

►Unique microphone feedback simulation algorithm with 4 levels of intensity adjustable

►Professional echo&reverb effect, 5-egment parametric EQ, high-pass filter and low-pass filter

►5.1 channel output, output channels can be independently mixed, high and low frequency divider, main output 7-segment parametric equalization, surround \ center \ subwoofer 5-segment parametric equalization, delay, pressure limit, polarity conversion, volume adjustment, mute

►Three output modes: singing mode/hot dancing mode/automatic mode

►Professional stereo analog amplifier output

►Administrator, user and primary mode, password management; function of password key lock.

►Volume initial and maximum value.

►There’re 12 groups of user parameter storage and recall.

►VOD song control interface RS232, wireless infrared remote control function.

►Drive-free USB interface connection, real-time control of all parameters through PC software


Specification Parameters

Supply Power AC220V,50/60Hz Output power@8Ω 450W
Frequency Response 20Hz~20KHz Output power@4Ω 550W
Input Sensitivity (MIC)11MV    (MUSIC)210MV Mid Tone)(±10dB) 100Hz/2.5Hz/10KHz
Microphone Tone(±10dB) 57Hz/134Hz/400Hz/1KHz/2.5KHz/6.3KHz/10KHz Music Tone(±10dB) 57Hz/134Hz/400Hz/1KHz/2.5KHz/6.3KHz/16KHz
S/N Ration ≥95dB Microphone Low Cut 30Hz/50Hz/80Hz/100Hz
Gross Weight 11.4Kg Size 431x350x102mm


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