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Audio Processor-PD Series

Audio Processor-PD Series

The PD series digital divider/system processor has 4 inputs and 8 outputs coupled to the user interface, as well as all audio signal processing tools required for a precise divider and sound control system. It is simple and convenient to use, even without manual manipulation. You can control the gain, delay, and 9 filters of each input (you can set each filter as a parametric filter or high and low pass filters). You can set the frequency of each output and specify any input or any combination of inputs. In addition, 9 filters can be programmed to control (you can select each filter as a parametric filter or high and low pass filters), adjust the delay time and output gain, invert, control the compressor/equalizer To protect the speaker system. The external dimension of this processor is 1 standard rack space, and the input and output are XLR type connectors. 448 is a powerful tool in fixed installation and on-site sound reinforcement systems;


Brif Intruduction:
1.1U rack space
2.4 groups of input, 8 groups of output
3.Any input to output can be specified
4.With frequency division, equalization, delay and limiting functions
5.With Linkwitz-Riley, Bessel and Butterworth filters
6.The filter slopes are 12, 18, 24, 48dB/octave respectively
7.Parametric equalizer: bandpass, 1/64 to 4 octave range
8.Input and output delay
9.Each output has a limiter
10.Intuitive user interface
11.Program control via panel, PC or MIDI
12.AMX compatible network link control
13.Special input and output level meters
14.Balanced input and output XLR audio signal connector

PD24 PD26 PD36 PD48
Channels 2in 4out; 2in 6out; 3in 6out; 4in 8out;
Input Sound Source Digital/Analog
Input Active balance,18KΩ
Max. Input Level +20dBu
Output Active balance,100Ω
Max. Output Level +20dBu
Frequency Response  20Hz~20kHz,±0.25dB
T.H.D+N ≤0.01%@/1kHz +20dBu
Dynamic Range > 110dB(20Hz~20kHz)
Output noise < 90dBu(20Hz~20kHz)
Number of equalization filters 9/input, 9/output
Equalization filter bandwidth 1/64 Oct~4Oct
Equalization filter range +15/-30DB,Gain 0.1dB.
Frequency resolution 1/24Oct
Upper limit frequency slope 6dB/Oct&12dB/Oct optional
Upper frequency range 19.7Hz~2KHz ±15dB,Gain0.1dB
Lower limit frequency slope 6dB/Oct&12dB/Oct optional
Lower frequency range 3.1886KHz~20.158KHz ±15dB,Gain0.1dB
High-pass filter type Linkwitz-Rayleigh, Bessel, Butterworth
High-pass filter slope 12dB/Oct,18dB/Oct, 24dB/Oct, 48dB/Oct
High-pass filter frequency range Off~21.983.3KHz,245 step increments
Lower-pass filter type Linkwitz-Rayleigh, Bessel, Butterworth
Lower-pass filter slope 12dB/Oct,18dB/Oct, 24dB/Oc
Lower-pass filter frequency range Off~21.983.3KHz,245 step increments
Max.Input Delay 682.5ms
Max.Output Delay 21.33ms
Gain 20μs
Input and output gain range +12/-40dB,gian0.1dB
Input and output gain polarity  0~180 degree adjustable
Compressor/limiter threshold -20dBu~+20dBu gain1dB
Compressor/limiter ratio 1.2:1~∞
Compressor/limiter trigger time value 0.5ms~50ms/dB
Compressor/limiter release time value 10ms~1s/dB
Compressor/limiter frequency range 20Hz~10.6KHz
Processor input A/D: 24bit
Processor Output A/D: 24bit
Processor sampling rate 48KHz
Application  Church, Cinema, Show center, Celebration, Convention center, Concert, Monitoring center, Sports Center and etc.
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