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15inch 3-way long-range speaker-R2

15inch 3-way long-range speaker-R2

The R2 is an entirely horn-loaded, surprisingly compact, full range loudspeaker enclosure. The driver complement comprises a 15″ for bass, an 8″ for midrange and a 1″for high frequency.Specially designed waveguide and driver technology produces clear, involving and powerful sound. The unique combination of size, high efficiency and sonic excellence make it ideally suited to a wide range of uses.


1.Full range60Hz to 20KHz,(match with F218,the low frequency extends to 40HZ),3-way designed,stand alone enclosure
2.Fully horn loaded for high efficiency
3.Complete range of flying and mounting options. Fitted with M1O flypoints
4.Optional Wheelboard

Models R2 F218
Amp Module Self-Powered Available Self-Powered Available
LF Drivers 15″ (75mmVC) 18″(100mmVC)
MF Drivers 8″(50mmVC) \
HF Drivers 44mm \
Frequency(±3dB) 60Hz-20KHz 40Hz-350Hz
Rated Power  LF: 400W  MF: 200W   HF:80W 1600W
Peak Power  LF: 800W  MF: 400W   HF:160W 3200W
Nominal Impedance
Sensitivity(1m/1w) 115dB 101dB
Max SPL 139dB 147dB
Dispersion(-6dB) 50° Hor×25° Ver \
Enclosure Material PLYwood PLYwood
Finish Black textured coating Black textured coating
Connectors NL4x2 NL4x2
Dim. W522 x H920x D445mm W1326x H496 x D723mm
N.W 50Kg 96Kg
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