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Are you looking for vertical line array speakers? Then you are at the right platform, Gpro Audio is the leading Line Array Exporter in China. Our experts designs line array system for a big concert environment with a long J-shaped series of speakers deferred on either side of the stage. Line Array exporter ensures line array system with multiple cabinets in a vertically connected configuration—have gained a reputation in large venues.

Our manufacturer partners integrates the scientific research, design, production, service together because our products are widely used for professional stage. Moreover, we have full range speakers, best column speakers, and power amplifiers at affordable prices. Pro audio use technological innovation for line array system and home theatre system to export excellent quality with great deals.

We have portable player and professional audio that is suitable for multi function hall. Our global sources work best for customers and their business. Furthermore, we strive to fulfil their specific needs. Our company features best quality pro audio equipment and line array speakers to customers at a fob price.

Best quality line array speaker

Our company and brand offers affordable line array speakers and professional audio equipment on our site. We never compromise on quality for that our suppliers only feature the best product. The manufacture of audio equipment om the export market is done at fob price. For interested customers, they can contact through message on our page.

Three Advantages Of Line-Array Speakers

Our Line Array speaker compromises the following three advantages over typical point-source speakers.

  • Sound reinforcement with more consistent sound pressure

Line Array exporter speakers’ sound pressure is affected less by distance. This type of speaker allows for more precise, more reliable sound reinforcement. As a result, sufficient sound pressure can be delivered to the back-of-house without making the front-of-stage extremely loud.

We can send you a customize package as well and provide bulk supply too. Our world class and convenient audio equipment is best for every customer. The manufacturers produce quality speaker system and loudspeakers when properly search market for sale.

  • Clear sound reinforcement

Unwanted reflection can be eliminated, thereby guaranteeing more explicit support of sound even in highly reverberant spaces. Our brand offer speaker system for auditorium, stadium, and many other big places located in within your countries.

  • Less prone to feedback

Line Array Exporters china is less prone to response. The total output from line-array speakers is minor and unwanted reflections are fewer, making repairs less likely to occur. We believe in providing best customer service and they can send a customer response directly on our website.

  • Sound Pressure Level (SPL) Capability

The Line Array exporter is one of the leading speaker platforms. The line array systems have many drivers inside each array cabinet, producing a single precise wave front. Because of all these drivers, line arrays frequently can create a higher SPL than is required, allowing systems to operate well under their stress point.

Applications Of Line Array system

Our line array speakers are the utmost choice for small high-end venues with sound reinforcement systems. Here are some of the applications of using our high-quality, versatile speakers.

  • It is fixed chiefly installation for small and medium-sized theatres.
  • Gymnasiums
  • Exhibition centers
  • Multi-function halls
  • Banquet halls
  • Concert halls
  • Museums
  • Entertainment and performance venues
  • Small-scaled mobile performances.Interested customers can contact us through our company website and search us on internet. Reach us out to buy affordable line array speakers.

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