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Conference speaker-TK Series

Conference speaker-TK Series

The Tk series speaker is multi-function conference speakers which adopts high-power LF drivers, 75mm voice coil HF drivers, 3-way design, wide coverage angle, so that the high-frequency extends smoothly, the output sense is fitable, the sound is clear, comfortable and pleasant;It’s small size and exquisite appearance ,in addition,there are Sufficient hanging points,It can be applied horizontally, vertically or on the floor as a monitor.

TK series speaker are mainly used in conference centers, Multi-Function Hall,broadcasting rooms, Shopping mall,electronic classrooms, small entertainment venues.It also can be used as fill sound or monitor speaker for other sound system


Models TK-6.5 TK-8 TK-10
LF Drivers 6.5″ 8″ 10″
MF Drivers \ 4″ 3″
HF Drivers 75mm 75mm 75mm
Frequency(±3dB) 70Hz-20KHz 70HZ-20KHZ 70HZ-20KHZ
Rated Power 45W 120W 150W
Peak Power 90W 240W 300W
Nominal Impedance
Sensitivity(1m/1w) 89db 90dB 91dB
Enclosure Material HDF
Finish Black textured coating
Connectors NL4
Dim. W221xH330xD235mm W254xH430xD270mm W300xH485xD325mm
N.W 5.2Kg 6.5Kg 7.5Kg
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