DM Series Digital Power Amplifier

DM Series Digital Power Amplifier

“Product Introduction
DM series power amplifier uses advanced Class-D power amplifier module and efficient and reliable R-SMPS stabilized power supply system, which can provide powerful and stable power within a 1U chassis; There’s power factor correction technology (PFC) , The whole machine also has intelligent all-round electronic circuit high-speed protection and intelligent temperature control cooling system. Compared with traditional power amplifiers, its lightweight models and fresh and sweet sound are the best choice for large-scale sound reinforcement systems such as stadium, and outdoor mobile performances.


Product Advantages
1,1U chassis with compact volumn and light weight; It’s convenient for transportation and mobile performances;
2,Class-D power amplifier module with integrated design, utilization rate of output power is as high as 93%;
3,With SMPS stabilized power supply system: soft switching mode with zero voltage and zero current, more stable operation and higher efficiency
4,Depends on Power factor correction technology (PFC), the power amplifier can adjust the current waveform according to the AC voltage waveform, the global wide voltage (90-264V) is adapted , and can meet the different needs of all users;
5,The intelligent temperature control stepless variable speed cooling system, perfect combination of high-density heat sink and fan, the speed of the fan is automatically adjusted by the temperature in the chassis, and the airflow flows from front to back, with a rapidly heat dissipation and efficient cooling.
6, Comprehensive electronic circuit intelligent protection:Soft start protection, DC protection, infrasound frequency, VHF, peak clipping, overheat protection, short termination, mute on/off.
7, Depending on high-efficiency speaker back-EMF absorption system, unique peak clipping limiter and ripple elimination network, the entire sound reinforcement system is more reliable, and the low frequency is strong and powerful, the dive is low, the MF &HF are transparent, clear and pleasant
8, The key components are imported brands, and more than 85% of the components adopt mechanical automation to ensure the consistency of the products.

Model DM600 DM1100 DM2400 DM4060 DM4110 DM4160 DM4180
Rated Output power

*@AC230V 50Hz THD+N=1% stable power supply and all channels loaded

8Ω Stereo output 2X600W 2X1100W 2X2400W 4X600W 4X1100W 4X1600W 4X1800W
4Ω Stereo output 2X900W 2X1700W 2X3600W 4X900W 4X1700W 4X2400W 4X2600W
2Ω Stereo Output 2X1035W 2X1900W 2X3800W 4X1035W 4X1900W 4X2600W 4X2800W
8ΩBridged Output 1800W 3400W 7200W 2X1800W 2X3400W 2X4800W 2X5200W
8ΩBridged Mono Output 2070W 3800W 7600W 2X2070W 2X3800W 2X5200W 2X5600W
Frequency Response 20-20KHz+0/-0.5dB
THD+N <0.5dB
S/N Rate >95dB
Slew Rate >30V/us
Damping Factor >500
Crosstalk >75dB@8Ω 1KHz
Input Impedance 20KΩ (Balanced )/10KΩ (Unbalanced)
Input Sensitivity 0.775V/1V/32dB
Power Supply 90-264V
Power Delay 4 seconds
Protection Soft start, DC, infrasound, VHF, Clipping,overheating, Short-circuit termination, mute on/off
Operation Knobs Front Panel:Power ON/OFF switch,Volume control;  Rear Panel:AC Input,Audio Input/output,Sensitivity switch
LED Indicators(Per Channel) LED Screen:Model,Temperature;  Power/Signal/-24db/Protection indicators in front panel
Connectors(Per Channel) Input:XLR / Output:NL4
Cooling(Air Flow) Exhaust cooling system.The air flow is from front to back of the amplifier,and the wind speed is controlled by temperature
Cabinet Dim. W485 x D381 x H44mm(1U) W485 x D410 x H44mm(1U)
Packing Dim. L544 x W402 x H100 L544 x W512 x H100
Volume 0.03m³ 0.04m³
Gross weight 5.1KG 6.2KG 9.0KG 11.5KG 12KG 12.5KG 13KG
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