K510 Dual-Effect Front Stage Processor

K510 Dual-Effect Front Stage Processor

Digital and analog double effector front stage effector




► Professional KTV pre-effector using 32-bit high performance DSP and AD/DA,24-bit/48K digital.
► Chinese and English display on color screen.
► Implementation of Android App and iphone App by Dual-mode Bluetooth Control.
► 4. U-disk music playback supports multiple formats of MP3/WMA/WAV/FLAC/APE.
► Optical Fiber Digital Audio Input.
► 7-segment microphone equalization, 7-segment music frequency equalization and double 5-segment parametric equalization.
► Four sets of microphone input, independent 5-segment parametric equalization.
► Professional Level 4 FBX.
► Professional Echo Effect and Reverberation Effect.
► Two sets of simulated music, five kinds of music input options.
► The Function of Musical Tone Change.
► The output channel can be mixed independently.
► Project password, manager and user mode.
► Initial and maximum volume.
► 10 sets of parameter storage and invocation.
► VOD Point Song 232 Interface, Infrared Ray.
► PC software driver-free USB interface.
► Energy-saving power supply.


Specification Parameters

Power Consumption AC80-250V,50/60Hz,15W Frequency Response MIC:20-200000Hz;MUSIC:20-20000Hz;±1dB
Dynamic Range ADC 105dB, DAC 105dB S/N Ration > 93dB
Maximum Input Electronic level MIC:160mVrms/-15dBV;
THD+N <0.01%
Noise Level MIC:<-85dBu;
Maximum Output Electronic Level MIC:3.8Vrms/12dBV;
Input Connectors Mic:4Channels,Divided into A/B group;
Parametric Equalization Main output 7-band, center 7-band, surround 7-band, ultra-low 5-band;
MIC:Dual 5-band parametric/7-band fixed frequency, 5-band reverb, 5-band echo;
MUSIC:Dual 5-segment parametric/7-segment fixed frequency
Xover 7 types of output 12/24dB high and low pass
MIC:3 types 12/18/24dB high, low pass
Music:3 types 12/18/24dB high, low pass
Compressor Output adjustable parameter limiter;
MIC: adjustable parameter limiter;
MUSIC: adjustable parameter limiter
Output Connectors 6*XLR,1*Stereo output; Howling suppression function FBX built-in 4-level howling suppression software
Weight 3.1kg /3.8Kg Size 483x215x50mm


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