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TC Series Powerful Professional Power Amplifier

TC Series Powerful Professional Power Amplifier

TC series professional power amplifier is a compact, light-weight power amplifier, It adopts efficient and stable Class-H circuit which is optimized by the Gpro technology team, this amplifier has very small harmonic distortion, intermodulation distortion and transient intermodulation distortion by efficient audio signal conversion technology,so that the sound quality is perfectly amplified. This is a power amplifier tailored for entertainment projects such as KTV, bars, and nightclubs. it has excellent performance also in other small and medium-sized sound reinforcement systems which requires high sound quality.


Product Advantages
1. Their panels are beautiful and generous, a variety of panels are optional.
2. The forced exhaust cooling system is adopted to make the power amplifier have high heat dissipation performance and ensure the reliable operation of the equipment for a long time.
3. Excellent and stable H+ circuit, American crown circuit, special Hifi audio electrolysis capacitors,to ensure the sound is clear and strong, and restore high-fidelity sound.
4.Intelligent Power constant technology, when the continuous load of the power amplifier is higher than the rated range, the output power is intelligently controlled, and it will not continue to increase,then it will be kept in a safe and reliable working range, which greatly improves the stability of the machine.
5.Switching power supply is specially configured with series-parallel dual-loop power supply resonance technology,to prevent the interference of the power source radiation to the sound. The output waveform is better I-shaped transformer and the sound quality is more delicate and soft.
6. The Clip adopts a dynamic professional compression limit protection system, which can quickly compress the output power when the machine is in a full-load power working clipping state, thereby effectively protecting the power amplifier
7.There’s a comprehensive protection management modes, such as short circuit protection, overheating, overload, overcurrent, output DC, soft start, current fuse protection, transformer overheating protection, etc., which can not only protect the safety of the amplifier, but also protect the whole audio system

Model TC300 TC400 TC500 TC600 TC800 TC1000
Rated Output power
*@AC230V 50Hz THD+N=1% stable power supply and all channels loaded
8Ω Stereo output 300Wx2 400Wx2 500Wx2 600Wx2 800Wx2 1000Wx2
4Ω Stereo output 450Wx2 600Wx2 750Wx2 900Wx2 1200Wx2 1500Wx2
8ΩBridged Mono Output 900W 1200W 1500W 1800W 2400W 3000W
Frequency Response 20Hz-20KHz(+0/-0.5dB)
THD+N <0.05%
S/N Rate >105dB
Slew Rate 25V/μs
Damping Factor ≥400
Crosstalk >100dB@1KHz
Input Impedance 20KΩ (balance)/10KΩ (unbalance)
Input Sensitivity 0.775 V  1.4V
Power Supply 160V~240VAC 50/60HZ
Power Delay 4 seconds
Protection Short circuit, overheating, overload, over current, output DC, soft start, current fuse protection, transformer overheat protection
Operation Knobs Front panel:Power switch/Volume(Per Channel is Individualde control)
Rear panel:Reset,AC Input,Audio Input/output,Sensitivity switch,Mode switch,Bridge switch
LED Indicators(Per Channel) ON/signal/prot indicators in front panel
Connectors(Per Channel) Input:XLR / Output:NL4/Binding post
Cooling(Air Flow) Exhaust cooling system.The air flow is from front to back of the amplifier
Cabinet Dim. W485xD340xH88mm(2U)
Packing Dim. 580x475x145mm
Volume 0.05m³
Gross weight 10.9Kg 13.2Kg 13.7Kg 14.2Kg 15.3Kg 16.4Kg
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