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DH Series High-end Digital Power Amplifier

DH Series High-end Digital Power Amplifier

DH Series High -efficiency class-d Digital Power Amplifier is your best choose for touring music show and other performances,1Uformat,40% energy savings; Achieve full power output regardless of the voltage and load impedance of the amplifier. The power supply can be adjusted automatically by power factor correction.


Product Advantages
1. Stable performance, independent of power supply (especially useful in countries where power quality is below standard)
2. Highest power density
3. The lightest weight
4. Greater reliability
5. Reduce the load on the circuit components by providing a properly adjusted DC power supply
6. Global operating range (90 to 265 Vac, 50/60 Hz)
7. Higher performance
8. Lower distribution requirements to reduce copper loss in electricity
9. Significantly reduce the amount of power required
10. Great savings on energy costs
11. Reduce heat dissipation requirements in fixed installations

Models DH2.08 DH2.10 DH2.12 DH2.15 DH2.18 DH2.20 DH2.40 DH2.60 DH3.20 DH4.10 DH4.13 DH4.16 DH4.18 DH4.20
Output power (1KHz,THD<1%, all channel drive 8Ω stereo 800Wx2 1000Wx2 1200Wx2 1500Wx2 1800Wx2 2000Wx2 2400Wx2 2600Wx2 3200Wx2 1000Wx4 1300Wx4 1600Wx4 1800Wx4 2000Wx4
4Ω stereo 1250Wx2 1450Wx2 1650Wx2 2250Wx2 2800Wx2 3200Wx2 3800Wx2 4200Wx2 5100Wx2 1450Wx4 1650Wx4 2500Wx4 2800Wx4 3200Wx4
2Ω stereo 1650Wx2 1750Wx2 2100Wx2 2850Wx2 3300Wx2 4500Wx2 5200Wx2 5800Wx2 7200Wx2 1700Wx4 2100Wx4 3200Wx4 3500Wx4 4500Wx4
Frequency response( 1W 8ohms ) 20Hz-20KHz (±0.1dB)
Sensitivity (8ohms 1KHz) 0.775v/26/32dB
Link to the terminal Input link terminal XLR male and female
Output link terminal SPEAKON
The input impedance Balanced input 20KΩ
Nonequilibrium input 10KΩ
Crosstalk attenuation(20Hz-20KHz,rated power8Ω) ≥75dB ≥60dB ≥65dB ≥75dB ≥65dB ≥60dB
Signal-to-noise ratio( A weight, rated power 8ohms) ≥108dB ≥106dB ≥105dB ≥108dB ≥107dB ≥105dB
Damping coefficient( 1KHz&8ohms) ≥900 ≥800 ≥800 ≥800 ≥900 ≥900
Intermodulation distortion( 20Hz-20KHz,half power) ≤0.02% ≤0.02%
Total harmonic distortion( 20Hz-20KHz;half power) <0.02% <0.03% <0.02% <0.03% <0.06% <0.08%
Phase response(1W8&8ohms,20Hz-20KHz) ≤±1.5° ≤±3° ≤±1.5° ≤±2° ≤±3°
Conversion rate ≥50V/µs ≥50V/µs
Safety protection system Dc protection,Short circuit protection,Sensitivity overheat management system,Overheating protection,Input/output overload,Soft start protection protection,Limiting protection
The cooling system The fully intelligent system automatically adjusts with temperature change
Dim(WxHxD) 482×44×380mm
Turnning 8.0kg 8.5kg 8.5kg 9.5kg 9.5kg 10.5kg 11.0kg 12.5kg 12.8kg 7.0kg 7.5kg 8.0kg 8.5kg 9.0kg
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