PA206 Dual6.5inch line array system speaker

PA206 Dual6.5inch line array system speaker

This is a small line array sound system, dual 6.5-inch high-power full-range speaker with 15-inch subwoofer. It is the best choice for small high-end venues sound reinforcement system.


1. PA206 is composed of 2pcs 6.5-inch high-power woofers and 44mm neodymium magnet tweeter, there is equipped with a bass phase correction system;
2. PW15 uses high-end 15-inch high-power woofer, the low frequency extends to 27HZ, combination with PA206 perfectly;
3. The active type has 2channels high-power class D power amplifier module,whose peak output power is up to 2000W, there’s a built-in 2 in 4 out dsp audio processor whose comprehensive parameter setting can be carried out according to different applications of the system.

PA206 Line array system speaker is mainly used in fixed-installation for small and medium-sized theatres, gymnasiums, exhibition centers, multi-function halls, banquet halls, concert halls, museums, entertainmen and performance venues ,and small-scaled mobile performances.


Models PA206 XPA206 PW15 XW15
AMP Module: \ 450W+450W Digital AMP ,with DSP \ 1000W Digital AMP ,with DSP
LF Drivers 2×6.5″ 2×6.5″ 15″
MF Drivers \ \ \ \
HF Drivers 1.75″(44mmNeo) 1.75″(44mmNeo) \ \
Frequency(±3dB) 65HZ-18KHZ 65HZ-18KHZ 27-350HZ 27-350HZ
Rated Power LF:270W HF:80W LF:270W HF:80W 550W 550W
Peak Power LF:540W HF:160W LF:540W HF:160W 1100W 1100W
Nominal Impedance
Sensitivity(1m/1w) 95dB 95dB 105dB 105dB
Max SPL 123db 123db 135dB 135dB
Dispersion(-6dB) 90°Her×10°Vor 90°Her×10°Vor \ \
Enclosure Material PLYwood PLYwood PLYwood PLYwood
Finish Black textured coating Black textured coating Black textured coating Black textured coating
Connnectors NL4 NL4 NL4 NL4
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