TM Series High-performance Power Amplifier

TM Series High-performance Power Amplifier

TM series is a high-performance power amplifier which is designed for extremely high sound quality venues. It’s Class H+  circuit to provide a stable power supply. Super analytical ability and high conversion rate, the LF is strong and clean, the MF is bright and natural , the HF is clear and transparent , 300W to 2000W can be pushed easy, it is suitable for all kinds of  sound reinforcement system.


1. The appearance is simple and atmospheric,there’re a variety of panels for choosing
2. Blowing-type high-efficiency heat dissipation system: the comb-shaped heat sinks which are made by High-density ,like hundreds of cooling slots which can increase the heat dissipation area for the heat conducted from the four variable-speed fans, and to prevent the temperature in the box from being too high and causing the machine to be unstable or have a short life.
3. There’re 2-3-4 channels , and any power parameters can be combined from 300W-2000W
4. The filter capacitor are Hifi audio dedicated large electrolytic capacitor , the waveform after filtering is more perfect, and the noise is smaller
5. The power supply is toroidal copper transformer, the low frequency is more powerful.The power supply resonance technology effectively prevents the interference of power supply radiation to the sound quality. It has a better output waveform than the I-shaped transformer, the sound is more delicate and soft, and the dynamics are more outstanding.
6. A comprehensive protection system ensures that the machine can operate stably and efficiently under extremely harsh environments
7. The Key components adapt Imported IC which is low noise and extremely high sound reproduction and high-precision resistors & capacitors ensure the dynamic performance and zero-point drift of the circuit, and a strict quality control management system ensures high-quality products.”

Rated Output power

*@AC230V 50Hz THD+N=1% stable power supply and all channels loaded

Model TM2.3 TM2.4 TM2.5 TM2.6 TM2.8 TM2.10 TM2.13 TM2.16 TM2.20
8Ω Stereo output 300Wx2 400Wx2 500Wx2 600Wx2 800Wx2 1000Wx2 1300Wx2 1600Wx2 2000Wx2
4Ω Stereo output 450Wx2 600Wx2 750Wx2 900Wx2 1200Wx2 1500Wx2 1950Wx2 2400Wx2 3000Wx2
Model TM3.3 TM3.4 TM3.5 TM3.6 TM3.8 TM3.48 TM3.613 TM3.816 TM3.63
8Ω Stereo output 300Wx3 400Wx3 500Wx3 600Wx3 800Wx3 400Wx2+800W 600Wx2+1300W 800Wx2+1600W 600Wx2+300W
4Ω Stereo output 450Wx3 600Wx3 750Wx3 900Wx3 1200Wx3 600Wx2+1200W 900Wx2+1950W 1200Wx2+2400W 900Wx2+450W
Model TM4.3 TM4.4 TM4.5 TM4.6 TM4.8 TM4.10 TM4.13 TM4.16 TM4.48
8Ω Stereo output 300Wx4 400Wx4 500Wx4 600Wx4 800Wx4 1000Wx4 1300Wx4 1600Wx4 400Wx2+800Wx2
4Ω Stereo output 450Wx4 600Wx4 750Wx4 900Wx4 1200Wx4 1500Wx4 1950Wx4 2400Wx4 600Wx2+1200Wx2
Frequency Response 20Hz-20KHz(+0/-0.5dB)
THD+N <0.05%@1KHz
S/N Rate >105dB
Slew Rate 40V/μs
Damping Factor >550
Crosstalk >100dB@1KHz
Input Impedance 20KΩ (balance)/10KΩ (unbalance)
Input Sensitivity 0.775 V
Power Supply 220V~240VAC 50/60HZ
Power Delay 4 seconds
Protection Short circuit, overheating, overload, over current, output DC, soft start, current fuse protection, transformer overheat protection
Operation Knobs Front panel:Power switch/Volume(Per Channel is Individualde control)
Rear panel:Audio Input/output
LED Indicators(Per Channel) Power on indicator,Clip/signal/protect indicators in front panel
Connectors(Per Channel) Input:XLR / Output:NL4
Cooling(Air Flow) Blowing cooling system,the fan is in the middle of the cabinet and blows to the back.The air flow is from front to back of the amplifier
Cabinet Dim. W485xD465xH88mm(2U)
Packing Dim. L585 x W565 xH145mm
Volume 0.06m³
Gross weight 17KG 18KG 19KG 20KG 21KG 22KG 23KG 24KG 26KG
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